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Cost analyses

The analyses focused only on price for hardware and were done while working on a proof of concept version of Basic RUM that solves some basic business use cases. This doesn’t include the time spent for setting up the hardware and building dashboards. There is a hidden cost and at this point it will be naive to compare Basic RUM with commercial tools that provide, 24/7 support, implement failover mechanisms and provide professional services.

We run some tests based on real users traffic and for the cost of about 18.50 Euro a month a website with 50 000 views a day / 1.5 million views a month could be efficiently monitored.

The tests we run on the cheapest HETZNER Cloud servers - CX11 (1 vCPU Intel, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB disk space). Also a HETZNER Load balancer was added which contributed to the final price.

#ServiceInstance typePrice
1Beacon catcher and beacons decoderCX114.15 € / monthly
2GrafanaCX114.15 € / monthly
3ClickHouseCX114.15 € / monthly
4Load balancerCX115.83 € / monthly
   18.28 € / monthly

Note: The prices were taken on October 18th 2021. In the future the prices could change.

The cost could be reduced even more:

  • Reduce 5.83 € / monthly - The Load balancer could be removed. We used it because it was more practical and easier to install SSL certificates.